Cutting-edge sports technology to measure, manage & mitigate head impacts.

Products backed by world-class research will span multiple domains – from early detection and surveillance to assessment and rehabilitation tools.

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CONSUMER - Mouthguard

HITIQ Smart Mouthguard

Custom-fit, cutting-edge safety and unparalleled data insights make HITIQs Smart Mouthguard a game changer on the field

ELITE - Nexus

Head impact surveillance & detection

The independently validated Nexus system provides comprehensive head impact data and analysis. That data allows key stakeholders to make informed decisions, improving the quality of care for athletes.


Concussion & return-to-play management

CSX provides an easy to use, sideline concussion assessment tool. The system produces a digital record that can be shared with medical professionals, family and organisations to ensure coordinated athlete care.


Cognitive & Oculomotor assessment

CoVR is a virtual reality based cognitive and oculomotor assessment platform. The immersive tool assesses various domains such as processing speed, memory, and decision making.