About us

We're building the world’s first end-to-end concussion management platform

Our platform aims to provide a total concussion ecosystem with products that support the identification, monitoring and management of sport-related brain injury.

We're developing...

Next generation concussion management technology

We're targeting a growing worldwide concussion management market including elite and community sport, clinical practitioners, military, and researchers.

We've collected a global data bank of head impacts across all major sports, which places us in a leadership position within the market. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our data.

We believe that...

Player welfare should leverage precise data

  • We ensure players understand not just how to use HITIQ products, but why our tech benefits them, their sport and their fans
  • We coordinate with team doctors, coaches, and performance staff to take the uncertainty out of critical decision-making
  • We support high performance practitioners with tools and technology to turn data into actionable insights