CSX provides elite, school and community sports programs, concussion and return-to-play management software

CSX provides an easy to use, sideline concussion assessment tool. The system produces a digital record that can be shared with medical professionals, family and organisations to ensure coordinated athlete care.

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CSX provides industry-leading concussive injury management solutions

Secure digital records
Return-to-play phases
Stakeholder communication

For doctors and medical staff

  • Symptom checklist
  • Digital history
  • Baseline assessments
  • Inter-athlete comparison
  • Consistency between medics
  • Improved long term tracking
  • Remote check-in/clearance

For schools

  • All athletes and sports
  • Compliant protocols
  • Easy to use system admin
  • Includes all injury data
  • Structured return
  • Duty of care

For parents and guardians

  • Fast, comprehensive assessment
  • Updates via email and push
  • Symptom checklist
  • Home reporting
  • GP/ Physio reports
  • Confidence in quality of care

Implementing CSX by HITIQ delivers:

  • Digital records with no need for physical cards
  • Ongoing, comprehensive symptom checking in your pocket
  • Multi-modal cognitive testing
  • Baseline and injury assessment real-time comparison
  • Immediate sideline symptomatology
  • Security between Drs, Physios, rehab staff and parents
  • Integration of protocols with professional leagues

Concussion & return-to-play management