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Introducing the world's smartest mouthguard.

Custom-fit, cutting-edge safety and unparalleled data insights make HITIQs Smart Mouthguard a game changer on the field

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How to Buy

Step 1: Purchase 12 month HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Subscription.
Total upfront costs for 12-month HITIQ Smart Mouthguard subscription is $209.00.
Step 2: Complete your Intra-oral scan at your selected dental clinic.
Additional charges may apply depending on your level of private health insurance cover.
Step 3: Complete final fit check and collect. You're now ready to play.
Follow Smart Mouthguard App instructions, link your device and you're ready to play.

The HITIQ Smart Mouthguard combines custom-fit comfort with game-changing technology.

Unlock unparalleled insights using our advanced head impact sensor. The HITIQ Smart Mouthguard provides players and guardians objective data to monitor potentially dangerous head impacts.

Revolutionising the safety of community sports to support better long-term health outcomes.

Our technology accurately measures and records the ‘invisible injury’, reducing the risks associated with untreated head impacts.

World Class head impact technology trusted by professional teams is now readily available for you and your family.

HITIQ Smart Mouthguard, Charge Case and iPhone App

Your go-to tool for managing and analysing your data.

Meaningful insights delivering safer outcomes.

Activate, collect and download data.

View Impact alerts: Investigate significant impacts and conduct follow-up tests.

Analyse head impact data and compare historical sessions.

Access support material and concussion advice.

HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Charge Case

Don't let your battery life hold you back.

Experience unrivalled battery life and an innovative Wireless Charge Case.

The compact wireless charge case supports four 90-minute charge cycles before requiring a recharge from the power cord.

Smart Mouthguard holds up to 4 hours of battery life, utilising the latest in LiPo Battery technology.

Our innovative battery technology gives you more time to focus on what matters most.

12-month HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Software Subscription is $209.00, including GST. Software Subscription renewal fee is $99.00 per annum.

Total price advertised is for Bupa Private Health Insurance customers only.

Additional scanning costs may apply at your dental clinic for non-Bupa members. Your eligible rebate amount will differ depending on your health fund and the level of care you have. This is consistent with the process for purchasing a regular custom fit mouthguard.

All prices shown are in Australian Dollars.

Technical Specifications

Battery and Charging Case:

The HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Wireless Charge Case typically supports four 90-minute charge cycles for the Mouthguard before requiring a recharge from the power cord.

Smart Mouthguard holds up to 4 hours of battery life in active use, utilising the latest in LiPo Battery technology.


  • Bluetooth® 5.0 Connectivity

Ingress Protection:

  • HITIQ Smart Mouthguard is IP67 rated water resistance
  • Charger case is IP65 rated water resistance

HITIQ Integrated Head Impact Sensors:

  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) Integrated 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Triaxial Gyroscope

Warranty: 12-month warranty is included as per our terms and conditions.

Need Support? Visit ouror email us at:

HITIQ provides free shipping on all Smart Mouthguards to the customers selected dental clinic.

After the initial purchase of your HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Subscription, we offer free shipping to all participating dental clinics nationwide.

All HITIQ Smart Mouthguards require a professional fit check before final delivery, ensuring optimal safety and satisfaction.

Delivery may take up to 15 days from the date of the intra-oral scan.

HITIQ Smart Mouthguard