ELITE - Nexus

Enhance the safety of your athletes with HITIQ’s Instrumented Nexus Mouthguard.

Embedded in a custom fit, custom calibrated mouthguard, our Independently validated impact sensor captures the frequency, location and intensity of all head impact exposures.


Backed by the best

The Nexus Portal provides a comprehensive data analysis platform. View drill, position, team and player based data to make more informed decisions.

Screenshot of the Nexus interfaceHIT-IQ dash screenshot

Compare Data Across Athletes, Teams and Leagues.

Develop a united front in raising the standard of care for Athletes. Identify cohorts at risk and implement mitigation strategies to cater for their specific profiles.

Superior Hardware:

  • Best-in-class independent validation
  • Classifier recognises true impact events
  • Custom calibration and fit to each athlete
  • Industry leading durability and comfort
  • A flexible circuit board with integrated accelerometer, gyroscope & battery

Easy to Use:

  • Set-up games and practices in advance
  • Automated data upload
  • One charging case for entire team
  • Extended battery life

Implementing the Nexus System will:

  • Provide objective head impact data
  • Improve quality of care provided to your athletes
  • Create a longitudinal head impact profile for each athlete
  • Provide additional metrics used to optimise performance
  • Improve decision-making for medical staff
Charging and Storage

Charging and Storage,
Made Easy

Store, charge, and transport up to 28 Nexus Instrumented Mouthguards through the innovative, versatile and durable Charging Case.

Wireless Charging via the Charging Case is carried out via the standard mains, and a single charge cycle provides six-hour battery life for the individuals Nexus Mouthguard.

The Nexus Charging Case has been designed and engineered in collaboration with the globally recognised product design firm 4Design®.

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