Scottish Rugby strengthens and extends partnerships with HITIQ


We're thrilled to announce that Scottish Rugby has extended its partnership with HITIQ to continue the head impact sensor trial across national and professional programmes.

This extension further demonstrates Scottish Rugby's unwavering desire and commitment to be at the forefront of player welfare through the use of cutting-edge, impact sensor, data-driven research across all levels of the game.

"HITIQ is delighted to continue our partnership with Scottish Rugby. In addition to being a rugby powerhouse, Scotland is progressive in making their game as safe as possible. We are looking forward to equipping Scottish Rugby players with the latest generation of our sensor technology as they compete in their upcoming internationals and the 6 Nations Championship."

HITIQ’s partnership with Scottish Rugby sees all national programs, as well as the United Rugby Championship team Edinburgh, equipped with the Nexus A9 impact sensors,

The extended partnership will continue to build upon the head impact dataset Scotland Rugby established during the 2021 International season. After this trial, Scottish Rugby will boast arguably the most robust head impact sensor data set in the world. This data set will provide insights into all aspects of the game, including the exposure characteristics across different situations, including rucks, high-velocity collisions, scrums and tackles. Furthermore, the data will reveal the differences in head impact exposure volume and intensity across all programs for games, training sessions and training drills.

Scottish Rugby's Chief Medical Officer, Dr James Robson, said about the continuing trial: "We are committed to player welfare at the heart of everything we do. We are delighted to continue with HITIQ offering cutting-edge technology to help us deepen our understanding of how contact is experienced by players. We are committed to supporting further research in this important area. We look forward to seeing the learnings from this next phase of our partnership across the different playing groups involved."