Introducing HITIQ ConneQt: Advanced Concussion Healthcare for Community Sports


ConneQt is an integrated ecosystem that links players, team managers and caregivers to a telehealth service that specialises in the treatment of sports-related concussions.

Concussion-related injuries pose a significant threat to Australia’s favourite community sports. When a suspected concussion occurs at the community sports level, caregivers and guardians are often unaware of the appropriate course of action.

More than 80% of parents whose children play Australian Rules Football believe sporting clubs require greater education to safely manage potential concussion incidents. 40% of parents whose children do not play contact sports claim they do not want their children to participate due to the risks associated with head injuries.

The ConneQt platform provides community sports participants with immediate access to the highest standard of concussion-related medical care, regardless of geographic location.

ConneQt Benefits

For the Player: Rapid access to a telehealth service that specialises in sports concussion management

For the Team Manager: Record details of the head injury incident; see which players are available based on diagnosis from the ConneQt telehealth service Doctors

For the Caregiver: In-home guidance on how to look after a concussed player; red flags (signs and symptoms to escalate the injury)

For the Doctor: Receive incident report from the team manager; have access to the history of injury for the player; can make a more informed diagnosis; follow a thorough and consistent assessment protocol; ensure a safe return to play.

If you’re a league or club administrator, learn more about ConneQt by chatting with a Sales Team member HERE.

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