HITIQ extends agreement with New Zealand Rugby


We're pleased to announce that New Zealand Rugby has extended and expanded their use of HITIQ’s CSX Concussion Assessment Technology under a subscription agreement for a further 12 months.

The agreement represents the largest union driven program of its kind and sets a blueprint for a global rollout across other unions.

New Zealand Rugby will use the CSX Concussion Assessment technology to enhance the administration, communication, and management of all New Zealand amateur rugby head injury incidents.

HITIQ acquired the CSX concussion assessment platform in November 2021 as part of its strategy to build out an end-to-end concussion management platform.

“It is pleasing to continue and extend our partnership with New Zealand Rugby to fundamentally define what an appropriate concussion care model should look like. HITIQ commends New Zealand Rugby for their proactive approach to player welfare, and we look forward to continuing a strong relationship that drives further positive health outcomes for all NZR players.”



Under the terms, New Zealand Rugby will also extend the number of players covered by the technology to 5,000 players.

The CSX concussion assessment technology effectively delivers New Zealand Rugby a digital player passport that:

  • provides efficient baseline testing and a digital record of any suspected concussion incident;
  • helps standardise rehabilitation protocols, ensuring consistency and a safe return to play;
  • provides a central and secure point of information through a “GP Portal”, which automates communication pathways between Clubs, Schools and doctors; and
  • offers a detailed incident report through the GP Portal which allows for an informed diagnosis of concussion and a thorough recovery plan.

Additionally, the platform contains an education portal to inform parents and caregivers about the signs and symptoms of concussion. The platform provides an action plan, creating certainty around in-home care.