HITIQ awarded a third Australian Innovation Patent


We're pleased to announce that it has secured a further Australian Innovation Patent related to its Virtual Reality concussion diagnostic technology.

An Australian Innovation Patent (Patent No. 20121107529) has been awarded to HITIQ for “Technology Adapted for Improved Assessment of Cognitive Function in A Human Subject, Including Assessment of Cognitive Function Affected By Brain Injuries Sustained During Sporting Activities”.

Key features of the patent cover the combining of data from HITIQ’s virtual reality testing platform with data from HITIQ instrumented mouthguard technology, including:

  • Performing VR-based neurological assessments on a human subject;
  • Constructing and delivering a series of cognitive tests of varied test class, thereby to increase cognitive load on the test subject; and
  • Triggering testing and/or presenting test results in combination with impact data from an instrumented mouthguard device.

The combined process allows a deeper understanding of relationships between impacts, for example in a sporting environment, and cognitive performance. This relationship as considered in terms of impact magnitude and cognitive impairment, is of significant utility in injury assessment and ongoing management. Being an Innovation Patent, the associated rights are especially robust to withstand validity attacks from third parties.

“Patents form an important element of our commercialisation strategy and demonstrate the innovation and advantages that clearly set HITIQ apart from our peers. We are pleased to have secured another Australian Innovation Patent covering a strategically important future market for the Company.This patent will protect the commercial advantage we have built that allows us to provide highly accurate and sophisticated technology to our customers.We look forward to building upon this initial product milestone as we advance our three-pillar strategy to deliver a best-in-class concussion management technology platform.”


The newly awarded patent presents a significant milestone in HITIQ’s intellectual property development strategy as it targets the $5 billion global addressable concussion management market.

HITIQ’s patent portfolio currently comprises fourteen patent families, with numerous applications pending in various stages of the patent process globally.

The portfolio continues to grow and expand, with five international PCT patent applications pending, and seven provisional applications lodged in the last year. The patent portfolio covers numerous facets of HITIQ’s technology framework, including hardware, manufacturing and calibration techniques, and data processing methods.