Brittany Bowe and female head injury


When we think of concussion and head impact issues in sport, very often we think of both codes of Rugby, American Football and due to the media attention, heading in soccer. Very often we also think of men.

In this article, published on the wellness website, USA Olympic Speed Skater Brittany Bowe talks candidly about the concussion issues she experienced following a collision in training.

The issue of concussion in female athletes is a serious one. Studies have shown that women are more likely to suffer from head injuries when compared to men. Additionally, side effects, as was the case with Brittany, last longer and are often more complicated.

HITIQ concussion management technology will help to bring greater understanding to female head injury. Our partnerships with Scottish Rugby and the AFL are examples where we are working with both men’s and Women’s teams. This ensures that the data collection, monitoring and management can all be done with an individualised focus on the athlete. It helps coaches and medics make informed decisions that can lead to the best care possible for athletes whether they are male or female.

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