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Track every head impact with the world's smartest mouthguard.

HITIQ's game-changing sensor technology accurately measures and records head impact events, providing rapid insights to reduce the risks associated with undetected head trauma.

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How to buy your Smart Mouthguard bundle?

Step 1: Purchase 12 month HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Bundle.
Total upfront costs for 12-month HITIQ Smart Mouthguard bundle is $209.00.
Step 2: Complete an Intra-oral scan at your selected dental clinic.
Additional charges may apply depending on your level of private health insurance cover.
Step 3: Complete final fit and collect. You're now ready to play.
Follow Smart Mouthguard App instructions, link your device and you're ready to play.
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Breakthrough technology, designed for everyone.

50% of concussions go undetected and unmanaged, the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard revolutionises how head impacts are detected and managed.

Get started with your HITIQ Smart Mouthguard bundle today from $209.
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What's included in a 12-month bundle?

Smart Mouthguard

This is our most advanced, durable and comfortable Mouthguard. Fitted at selected dental clinics nationwide via state-of-the-art intra-oral scans.

Impact Insights App

Your go-to tool to manage and control your Smart Mouthguard, view impact alerts and analyse head impact events. Game-changing insights delivered to the palm of your hand.

Wireless Charge Case

Cutting-edge technology meets unrivalled convenience. Our wireless charge case supports four 90-minute charge cycles, giving you more time to focus on the field.

Get STarted with your Smart Mouthguard Bundle

This is world-class head impact technology.

HITIQ Smart Mouthguard users sustained an average of 13 head impacts per game in 2022.

State-of-the-art surveillance technology assists in identifying head impacts up to 200 Gs. Our patented Smart Mouthguard technology is light years ahead of traditional impact monitoring.

Make safer decisions this season and leave nothing undetected.

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Supported by years of Leading research and Validation

Backed by experts, trusted by the community.

Our goal is to revolutionise the safety of community and grassroots sports in Australia.

We're backed by years of research & development from the world's leading scientific and medical experts within the concussion and brain injury space.

Our technology is validated through world-renowned third-party research.

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Download your Smart Mouthguard App

Groundbreaking insights at your fingertips.

No matter what sport you play, the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard app is your go-to tool to manage, control, update and track your Smart Mouthguard.

Our App provides functional, easy-to-use software for viewing head impact alerts, analysing frequency and severity and comparing data across historical sessions.

Game-changing insights delivered right to the palm of your hand.

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Power Your Insights

The Wireless Charging Station. Ready when you are.

Designed to fit in your gym bag or back pocket, our ultra-compact Wireless Charging Station features unrivalled battery life through an innovative wireless charging system.

The Charging Station supports four 90-minute cycles before requiring a recharge. The Smart Mouthguard holds up to 4 hours of battery life, long enough for any session.

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Technical Specifications


  • Bluetooth® 5.0 Connectivity
  • Automatic firmware updates via Smart Mouthguard App

Ingress Protection:

  • HITIQ Smart Mouthguard: IP67 rated water resistance
  • HITIQ Wireless Charging Station: IP55 rated ingress protection

HITIQ Integrated Head Impact Sensors:

  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) Integrated 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Triaxial Gyroscope

Warranty: 12-month warranty is included as per our terms and conditions.

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HITIQ Smart Mouthguard FAQ's

What is the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard?

The HITIQ Smart Mouthguard is a custom fit mouthguard embedded with sensor technology to measure all head impact events experienced during training and games. The mouthguard is controlled via a Smart Phone application to provide rapid insights, notifying the user of any potentially dangerous impacts.

How long does it take to receive HITIQ Smart Mouthguard?

We will provide the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard within 15 days of HITIQ receiving your intra-oral scan. We aim to provide you with your HITIQ Smart Mouthguard as soon as possible so you can access our game-changing technology on and off the field.

How do I get fitted once I purchase my HITIQ Smart Mouthguard?

Once the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Bundle is purchased, the patient will book an intra-oral scan appointment at the selected dental clinic. You can book via calling the chosen dental clinic or book a 'Consult - 3D Scan For HITIQ' online.

Once your clinic provides your custom intra-oral 3D scan to HITIQ, we will manufacture the Smart Mouthguard within 15 days.

What’s included in the Smart Mouthguard Bundle costs?

As part of your Smart Mouthguard bundle, you'll receive your custom-fit one HITIQ Smart Mouthguard, one Smart Mouthguard Wireless Charging Station and 12-months complimentary access to our Smart Mouthguard App.  

We've worked hard to ensure our price is as competitive as possible and have secured exclusive discounted pricing for a limited time of $209.00 for Bupa Private Health Insurance customers, inclusive of your 3D intra-oral mouthguard scan.

Non-Bupa health insurance customers may have additional charges based on clinician costs.

Please confirm the price of your scan and mouthguard fit check with your chosen dental clinic.

Where are the Smart Mouthguard and Wireless Charge Case manufactured?

Our HITIQ Smart Mouthguard and Wireless Charge Case are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art Melbourne-based head office.

Can I buy the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard outright?

You can’t buy the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard outright. Our HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Bundle is priced at $209.00 and includes the Smart Mouthguard, Wireless Charging Station and a 12-month subscription to our Smart Mouthguard software. If a new mouthguard is not necessary after 12 months, the annual fee for the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard is only $99.00 per year, which includes a 12-month subscription to the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard App software

What's the total price of the Smart Mouthguard Bundle?

We aim to provide our life-changing technology to all Australians participating in community impact sports. We've worked hard to ensure our price is as competitive as possible and have secured exclusive discounted pricing for a limited time of $209.00 for Bupa Private Health Insurance customers.

You may be charged more based on dental clinician costs if you're a non-Bupa health insurance company member or have no health insurance. Please confirm the cost of your scan and mouthguard fit check with your chosen dental clinic.

How do I get my hands on the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard?

Getting your hands on the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Bundle is as easy as 1-2-3!

1: Purchase the HITIQ Smart Mouthguard Bundle on the HITIQ Website for as little as $209.00.

2: Complete your intra-oral scan from your chosen participating dental clinic nationwide. Additional charges may apply based on the level of health insurance coverage.

3: Conduct a final check and collect. You're now ready to play.

How does HITIQ protect my data?

We understand this data doesn't get much more personal than this, and we take great pride in ensuring your data is safe and secure.

The protection of your personal data is of paramount importance to us. HITIQ uses technical safeguards to ensure your data is safe and secure. Where appropriate, these safeguards include strict access control and encryption to protect the data we process. The user's GDPR-compliant data stays with the user throughout their playing life.

Is the software service offered for the life of the mouthguard?

The first year of HITIQ Smart Mouthguard software is on us! After 12 months, we charge $99.00 annually to access our HITIQ Smart Mouthguard software.

What if I don't pay for a new software subscription in my second year? 

You will continue to have access to your previous playing data. Any current playing data will only be recorded if a new software subscription is purchased.

Where can I get my HITIQ Smart Mouthguard fitted?

New South Wales
Bupa Dental Warringah Mall
Bupa Dental St Ives
Bupa Dental Penrith
Bupa Dental Narellan
Bupa Dental Mayfield
Bupa Dental Martin Place Sydney
Bupa Dental Lane Cove
Bupa Dental Kensington
Bupa Dental Erina
Bupa Dental Chatswood
Bupa Dental Castle Towers
Bupa Dental Broadway
Bupa Dental Bondi Junction
Bupa Dental Blacktown
Bupa Dental Moorabbin
Bupa Dental Wendouree
Rye Family Dental
Bupa Dental Werribee
Bupa Dental Glen Waverley
Bupa Dental Geelong South
Bupa Dental Chirnside Park
Bupa Dental Camberwell
Bupa Dental Brighton
Bupa Dental Bourke St
Bupa Dental Ballarat
Bupa Dental Townsville
Bupa Dental Toowong
Bupa Dental The Gap
Bupa Dental Rochedale
Bupa Dental Petrie
Bupa Dental Paddington
Bupa Dental Noosa
Bupa Dental Kawana
Bupa Dental Helensvale
Bupa Dental Garden City
Bupa Dental Chermside
Bupa Dental Carindale
Bupa Dental Brisbane
South Australia
Clearly Dental Marion
The Port Dental Care
Bupa Dental West Lakes
Bupa Dental Tea Tree Plaza
Bupa Dental Mount Barker
Bupa Dental Morphett Vale
Bupa Dental Goodwood
Bupa Dental Canberra Civic
Western Australia
The Dentists Perth
Ocean Reef Dental
Mount Lawley - Dental Clinic
Kelmscott - Kelmscott Dental
East Victoria Park - EVP Dental
Karratha - Dental Care
Lifecare Dental - City Station
Lifecare Dental - Forrest Chase (Upper)
Lifecare Dental - Forrest Chase (Lower)
Lifecare Kingsway
Prime Dental, Sandy Bay, Hobart